Upgrading Lincoln MK1 “UPDATED NEWS”

As with all matters related to modifications and hearing them second or third hand which was the case with this there are some issues that always arise about accuracy. And indeed this is the case with the information here. Thankfully the inventor of the modifications has been in touch so now can elaborate on the modification. My inbox has been buzzing about this modification, seems many an old Lincoln owner is indeed interested:


The inventor is not in Bavaria but in Bad Wurttemberg

Cost (with installation) starts bidding on ebay at 50 euro (ebay name is floroy)

The newest version covers also the 24.89-24.99MHz 12m band (rx sensitivity is a little weak without re-alignment of the receiver part)

FULL PLL Coverage is from 24.89-29.7 MHz

With the newest software version even the dial problem is fixed

Photos that I showed here were apparently taken from ebay and the video is from Abstauber01 a friend of the inventor. So check ebay and if not then drop me a mail via contact and I will forward you the inventors address in return.


My Opinion? Take the idea to Uniden and see if they can remake the original MK1 with these upgrades…

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