Uniden UH8050S UHF CB Radio

Now to the second of the radios that I received information about from Australia. I have to say that I like this one. I would say it looks very Johnson II’Esque when see them side by side. Maybe this was a base of something in the past deep inside R&D in Japan. What I would do? In a heartbeat copy and paste this one into a President with the same style display, 27MHz of course and with the export channels. Same RJ45 socket on the front and add the William mike as an option (like it is with the Thomas ASC) Also include the CTCSS/DCS.. A nice dream of course… And I also like the ability to record and replay a QSO. Also excellent is the ability for it to work with the cordless mike. Seems a whole lot of Uniden for the cash……….. Maybe worth import a couple and try them out for the distance and quality of the contacts?


Key Features
DIN Mount CB Radio
Master Scan
Instant Reply Function
Bearcat Engine
80 Narrowband Channels
5 Watt Maximum TX Output Power
5 Year Warranty
SELCALL Function
Analogue Police & Fire Frequencies
100 Extra Receive Only Channels(400-520MHz in 12.5kHz steps)
Remote LCD Speaker Microphone (Remote SPK/MIC)
Built-In AVS Circuitry
Duplex Capabilities
Roger Beep Function On/Off
LCD Display with 7 Backlit Colours
Pre-programmed Police, Fire & Ambulance Frequencies
Close Call RF Capture Technology
+12V to + 24 DC Power Input
External Speaker Jack
Instant Channel Programming
One touch Instant Channel recalling
Dual Watch with Instant Channel
Group Scan and Priority Channel Watch
Open Scan
Busy Channel Lock-out Function
10 Different Call Tones
38 Built-in CTCSS (continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) codes
104 additional DCS (Digital Coded Squelch )codes that are user selectable
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Conditions

I will say range and quality of TX tests are happening with Aussie channels on hand held radios with external antennas as we speak, as of today. So information tells me and we all know someone involved and playing with this.

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