Introducing a new Stabo CB Radio

Well thanks to the internet and google there is indeed a new Uniden coming into the EU. Delivery dates I do not know and not a lot about the new radio I do not know also. Just what I tell you here is what I know. Seems those who think Stabo are sat doing nothing will be surprised as the new XM4060e will be hitting the shelves before the end of year.

Stabo 4060e


As you see the 4060e has a cousin that lives in the USA called the Uniden 680

What we can see:

Roger Bleep, Multi EU Norms, Seems to have some chrome on the front and looks small.

Price and Delivery I don’t know. Will search online more over the weekend. And now the guessing from my side.

Will be 120 channels export we can see on the screen, guess will have the same firmware as the Henry which allows 0 ending in export (awesome and finally done) It is a Uniden so will rock AM Mode. Another key feature and will be small. Got to be like the Harry and the Henry?

Uniden have sure been busy in 2014 (And long may it continue)

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  1. When looking at the image of the radio for the first time, the idea that came to my mind was that this radio was design to be mounted on DIN slot (is it compatible !?). The colors and design makes the radio integrate very well on modern car console.It looks almost like a car stereo!!!


    • I’ve limited ways to try and ask questions as cannot go directly. Based on ideas I think must be 160mm across front. Just by scale of photo I sized. Maybe? We have all to wait but I try find out what I can


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