Stabo XM4060e “The Updates”

CB Radio is an ultra fast moving business and the past 90 minutes has showed how busy indeed it can be. Over 700 individual views on the XM4060e Stabo alone. Add to this that the radio is not yet on the scene it is something simply quite amazing how much interest is out there for the hobby. So guess we can now add the rest of what we were able to find out.

This is based on hearsay and what the dealers guess.

All EU Norms including IN for India (India not confirmed)

All new firmware to include AM in UK Mode (Not Confirmed)

Export Mode being LOW, MID, HI with 120 channels 4w AM/FM and 0 ending also

26515-27855 & 26510-27860 *Not Confirmed. Only noticed via a, b, c



WizPresHm and Stabo now too maybe?

Sorry am still in therapy regarding “leaking of radios” soon to be an out patient I hope

First Dealer with It online

Comes November 2014 Dealers Tell Me

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  1. Hi all!… During the most recent posts and before all these news, I was wondering if there is a market for all this radios. How many CB users are out there ? At this rate, with some many radios and antennas for 27MHz being launch, one could guess that there is a boom in CB users that, assuming I’m correct and hoping being wrong, is not happening.

    Apparently, if the manufacturers release products to the market, is because they believe they can sell, and they are commercially profitable. But what I mean is that the frequencies do not seem so populated, taking into account all this fuss.

    Are people buying new CB radios, as they buy a new smart phone ? Are CB radios considered a gadget ?

    Anyway, just my thoughts…have a nice weekend!


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