Oricom UHF058

Another CB Radio just on the market seems to be based on a 27MHz radio by design but this one is also a 477MHz UHF Radio and comes complete with antenna for around £156 depending on exchange rate. This brand Oricom is sure an OEM name as have seen different radios from the same company under indeed many brands. So what has the radio got, or not:


80 Narrowband channels
Allows you to choose from 80 channels (75 voice) to transmit or receive messages.

5 Watt Maximum TX Output Power
Maximum transmit power for best possible range.

Duplex (Range Extender) Capability
Local repeater stations re-transmit your signals over a wider area. This extends the effective range of the radio, giving you the greater reach.

38 CTCSS (interference eliminator) codes and 104 DCS codes
Block out any unwanted conversations.

Open/Group/Priority scanning
Gives you the option to scan all channels in memory and lock on any active channels or to select the channels you wish to monitor/listen to in a group, along with a priority channel (priority watch).

Large easy to read LCD display
The keypad and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is backlit for easy viewing at night or in low light situations.

60 Receive Only Channels
Allows you to program in other channels in the UHF frequency between 450MHz to 512MHz and monitor transmissions.

Rotary Squelch Control
Gives you the ability to manually tune your radio to receive the best sound quality for your local environment.


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