Chiefstar Professional CB27-c

So this interesting radio came into my eyes today so we will add a little bit about it. All in all this seems to be the same radio that is the President Randy II, Lafayette Urano and the Stabo xh9006e but when look under the hood a little more it seems to share some DNA and also has a little different DNA in the same heartbeat shall we say. Those radios listed above are all based on the same Chieftech Rescue 27 where this radio is either updated or has a little more differences.


So this radio is classed as optional ANL where on the 3 mentioned before it is on the inside.

  • Die-cast frame with high–impact case
  • Frequency range: 26-29.7MHz (expandable)
  • Operating channel: 256 channels for 6 banks EU, EC, PL, IN, D, U
  • TX power: FM 4W power output (7W expandable) Lafayette, Stabo, President same when expanded
  • IP-54 water resistance (waterproof option)
  • Meets ETSI 300-035 and other standard
  • Wide range squelch function with 6 levels Some shops brand this as President ASC (It isn’t)
  • PC programmable with RS232C Useful for programming outside of allotted export mode
  • Optional function: ANL (auto noise limit) and auto noise squelch

Stabo Germany Quote this:

ASC automatische Rauschsperre
(ein weltweites Patent von PRESIDENT)


As the brilliant inventor Albert Bertrana invented ASC and it is indeed it is a patent from President it would have it on the box. And it is not there at all.


The above clearly has the ASC sticker and German writing as above. So jury is out.

Nothing is on the box of Randy II, just Stabo so I take it as this is a mistake. It is in the manual also but I don’t think the way it behaves or how it works is President ASC. But those who know more than me please feel free to write here.

So maybe different firmware but the radio is the same it appears other than a few small things. We indeed mentioned this last year I think it was about the ASC but now people are google more these radios it has popped up another time or 10 so that is why I added it again here.

I think ALL has a version of ASQ (Automatic Squelch) but not ASC from President on the inside?

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2 thoughts on “Chiefstar Professional CB27-c

  1. “All in all this seems to be the same radio that is the President Randy II, Lafayette Urano and the Stabo xh9006e…” – is there a site where we can learn about a given radio and all is clones…? It could be very useful now a days.


    • This one was on Chieftech page. Website about all clones I think is excellent idea. Maybe I just add page where people can add these clones. But sure these handies don’t have “real GPE ASC” inside


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