Albrecht PC COM CB Packet Radio Modem

Not sure if this is old stock or if suddenly a lot of these have been found on a floor somewhere? So I address the issues people have and then go onwards from there. SO the information I am working on is that these devices are coming with a 3 1/2 floppy disk which contains the software and drivers. As they are RS232 devices then you will need an RS232 to USB adapter if you wish to run it on a notebook or a PC without any RS232 Socket.

The decoder is a TCM3105N chip from Texas Instruments.

I am not sure which software system is running or indeed if your dealer has the software that can be sent as a .rar file or something like this. Costing seems to be around the 30 euro area and each kit seems to come with a 6 pin mike plug on the cable.


Above is the wiring chart direct from Albrecht Service. I think this can only be NOS (New Old Stock) as thought we had all done this and then passed onto other things way back.

Good luck to those who want to have a go at this, think the endless hours of swearing to get it to work on Windows 8.1 is not worth it really. But on the other hand, would be excellent to have a go with this when the sporadic e conditions are good.

So maybe if can find something then I will give it a try

Packet Radio Being Tested on PMR446

Above is a Packet Radio Website

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