President Jackson II “Classic”

Dealers around the EU including Markus Neuner had a little surprise when they opened there new batch of radios to find they are now a classic. And why could this be? The answers can be many things to many people but what can be the obvious ones? New electronics inside (like a facelift, new things mean new name) the look of the radio compared to the new standards like Grant II and Lincoln II. They are digital and this one is without frequency display so is a classic. An older statesman. Like a fine wine gets older and deserves to age nicely and gets better with age. Whatever the real reason it looks a little more rounded in my eyes. This is for the DIN mount I would imagine so looks good when fixed flush in a car or cab of a truck.


And if these reasons are all wrong then why not. It is a “Classic” amongst the radios now.

Photograph is the (c) Mr Markus Neuner (

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4 thoughts on “President Jackson II “Classic”

  1. “And if these reasons are all wrong then why not. It is a “Classic” amongst the radios now.” – LOL ! Got one last week. Not this new “Classic” version but an old classic one, used.


    • Yes very true and deserving name “Classic” just for me never liked how export bands went mid,hi, low and in pyramid format. But like it on Grant II. Reason? Got a frequency display…


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