Lafayette Evolution “Export” & More

Markus has been busy and this time we will have a little look at the Evolution from Lafayette. These radios are all sort of samey if you know what I mean. It is something based on the AE6490 from Albrecht mixed with a Lafayette Trucker and the Evolution is the kid from the coupling. Actually the radio performs and works well, the audio is both stronger, louder, clearer than both the Albrecht and the Trucker. Guess an extra $1 here spent makes results worth $10 in the long run.


Export mode is there to be found. So easy it is like hiding an elephant behind a crisp packet. I do actually advise not to bother as it is not worth it at all and the multi-EU settings are lost anyways and nothing interesting comes from it: 26065-28305 are the channels and bands A-G are there, however minus the band F for some reason or another.


Move the jumper from where it is shown in the photo to the free space on the right one. After this start the radio as you would in multi norm setting and the bands are there.

Click top left hand side next to PLAYLIST, a drop down menu appears so please click Lafayette it is there.

0P on screen is for Polish mode, ending in 0 or 5E which means ending in 5 (Both in Polish Mode)

BR: Bright and DR: Dimmer for the lighting

Filter reduces noise by -6dB

There are also jumpers there which regulate the AM power and raise it from 4w to around 9w and also the FM power from 4w to a little over 10w FM but is it worth it to loose all warranty stuff? And when you make more power the AWI glows like a Christmas tree so remember you need make changes there also as it is set for 4w and sure 10w is nowhere near 4w.


Audio is good, the ASQ works well and you can see the space on the inside for the optional echo and roger bleep. And where would this radio really find a home? I think on 27465 AM the home of the Grandi Modulatori. Here it will sit better than anywhere.

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