President Jackson II “Classic” Video

As featured on Facebook by Markus from comes the all new Jackson II Classic. When I say ALL NEW that is not so true, but in other ways it is true when compared to those from 2007 onwards. CB Radios are like cars when on a long run of production. At some point they are face lifted or some errors that have popped up are maybe eradicated and this seems the way with the Jackson II Classic


The font and the closeness of the etching in my eyes (they can be bad eyes) makes it look a little like Classio rather than Classic. Sure that is personal and am sure not anyone else has noticed it at all.  There are some nice changes in PL (Polish Band) it now covers AM/FM/SSB so integration of the new standard where the old version was just AM. This brings into question why DE was left at 1w AM where it is now legal with 4w and why UK setting still is 40 FM in both CEPT and UK.  I guess something more needed than a firmware revision. But also as this radio is a real seller then maybe it comes later in the life cycle with the changes. I do not have a crystal ball and so cannot forecast this at all.

The bezel seems to have a few changes and on the inside some components seem to have different manufacturers names on them. The key BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP is still there and still need to be silenced (again personal thought) This is easy when turn on the radio and press DN then all is quiet and all is calm.

Manufacture is in Vietnam, and the quality is indeed first class. A nice change from China, maybe this is a choice for costs and also quality. We all remember the late Philippine Lincoln’s and how well they were made and worked (still got one boxed here in Wizard towers) So no issues about build here as it is made to last.

This radio is very popular, there is never a day when skip rolls that you do not hear someone with this radio or latterly the Grant II. Well built, sounds good, audio is excellent and a different roger bleep. Well the standard new style one from President and not the old Jackson 1 style.

+ Tried and Tested Design

+ Elder statesman of the fleet now so deserves the title “classic”

+ Well Made & will stand up to being used well

– PL Band Gets FM/SSB while other new standards are left in the cold. You can of course use setting EU and this will let you have the CEPT UK AM/SSB channels 4w/12w and the same goes for dE channels also.

In the life cycle of the radios it is nice that investment is still happening and an old friend is still being looked after and a few changes made here and there when needed.

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    • This radio has all modes. Export also 25-30mhz but in UK mode it does not have new UK SSB channels. You need use U for UK40 and when want mids AM / SSB you need select band EU and use this for 12w SSB and 4w AM


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