President Antennas “Arrive”

Today was a large scale day here radios and also antennas arriving. Seems all birthdays and Christmas rolled into one. On the antenna front we managed to find out there in EU land the two new President antennas, well not so much new as face lifted. The Colorado and the Texas.  Expect to see them on video in the forthcoming weeks, depending on free time, conditions and also weather.

Texas 1800 Power_10A New


Above are how the face lift Texas Power is looking and below is the Colorado 1800


Colorado 1800 Power_10A New

The specification sheets are there so you can have a look and see what is on the cards. in Germany and for the UK then sure will be stocking them as they have all things President amongst other brands. More will follow as and when we can make it all happen.

Sorry to the President haters that moan about the blog and it is “heavy President” now and then. It is what is easily available and at the same time I am awaiting news from Markus about the new centre loaded Sirio antennas and when they are on the scene they will be here as quickly as possible.

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