T2LT Now For Sale

I don’t know if there are people like me out there? Can look and modify a radio at the drop of a hat but when it comes to antennas it is voodoo and not possible at all. In the United Kingdom a coax antenna called the T2LT which is made up of RG58 with 5:1 air choke has seen a vast amount of use and some amazing contacts made. UK to Corsica, Wales to Canada, Wales to USA the list is amazing. So, I tried and failed miserably in making mine. Then I have found someone who is smart with antennas is making them and selling them on ebay.


£7.75 plus shipping. What a superb price and a superb idea.

Ebay Number: 151432346958

Invest in a fibreglass mast and away you go. The antennas are pre tuned

UKFM, UK AM/SSB/FM CEPT And I imagine around the 555 the antenna works also

Weight of less than 200gr. Throw it in the car boot and away you go. Just need the coax from the antenna to the radio. What a brilliant idea.

I am not certain but I think these antennas are made by one of the famous CTX Team. Not sure really, but check out Gary 104 or Jason 965 videos or Google T2LT there all information and videos are waiting.

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    • Hi Stephen. When I posted it think he had 3 left. It’s a well made antenna and to leave in boot ready with the fibreglass mast it’s perfect. Let’s hope he makes more of them


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