TTI TCB 565 Comes Soon

News from K-PO and that is another new CB radio will be coming soon, and here we have a photo and the flyer for the new radio. It looks like a TCB 560 with an s meter but sure there must be more new things than that? So please find enclosed the photo and the flyer:


And the flyer:



  • Digital S-Meter
  • Compact Size
  • 12/24 Volt Input
  • Multi Channel
  • 4W Output Power
  • AM/FM Operation
  • DDS (Dynamic Squelch System)
  • Three Color Backlighting.
  • Emergency Channel (9/19)
  • Scan
  • Size: 124 x 135 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 655 g

Photo & Flyer: (c)

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5 thoughts on “TTI TCB 565 Comes Soon

  1. Like the song says….”…forget about the price tag…”. Maybe I will give it a shot….maybe this new 565 or the 771 which like other TTI radios, look simple enough to operate, and I do like simplicity after all.


  2. I always wanted to try a TTY radio. Love the TCB 1100 and TCB R2000. I also wanted to try some of those entry level, simple equipments/easy to use radios. But I’ve always stay away cause of the price…..some are sold under 100€ with an antenna and mag mount. How good can they be ?

    Looks like this TCB-565 is an upgrade of the TCB-560.


    • I’ve used the 550 and 560 which were below €100 and worked good. Also used the R2000 and did not like it. I’m looking forward to see this one, could be working well too I think


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