President Colorado 1800 Power *On Air*

So in the same location and at the same time it was a perfect chance to also unwrap the Colorado 1800. Dealers such as Markus @neuner and also Radiozing, Nevada and others will have this antenna am sure in stock so keep an eye out and see what you think of the antenna. Seems to share the same base although different colour to the Texas and the weight of the bases are identical. Comes shipped with the fixed mounting kit for the roof, coax and also allen key. The antenna was unwrapped and connected to the mount. The whip was pressed to the bottom, so normal fit no changes.

SWR: Was working with 1:4 on 26180 & ended at around 28.250 with 1:7 so the bandwidth was excellent.

Low angle of noise, the videos can show the level of noise so easier to show than to try and explain

Country of Origin: The antennas are MADE IN  SPAIN, the area of Catalonia.

And please remember the antenna comes with 10 year warranty! Yes 10 year warranty so ask your dealer about it when you go and check it out..


Countries Worked: Brazil, Spain, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Eire, Scotland, Balearic Islands

Radio used was FT450D, 30 watts, DG1OGW MH31e, President Colorado 1800 Power

CB Radio & a blog can attract a lot of trolls. Boredom, laziness so make rude comments. BUT I tested these antennas today and they kicked ass. Location was 89m above sea level, the video shows parked under the trees so no perfect spot. And FOR ME, the antennas worked and will be used again at the very earliest chance.

Closest Contact Was: 1DX411 Alberto with locator to locator distance 592km So not bad at all.

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