President Texas 1800 Power *On Air*

Outside of Budapest and time to spend on air so went to activate a new island on the Danube Island called Szalki with the reference DU020. For those that need it the locator is: JN96LX. The radio was tested on the following equipment: FT450D from Yaesu, 35 watts, DG1OGW Modified Standard Hand Mike and the antenna first used was the President Texas 1800 Power.

SWR Range: 26200 – 28300 was 1:5 at the edges and flat 1:1 between 26965-277800 so was adjusted for me to use both the lower frequencies and the higher ones as needed.

Very low noise. Tested against a Sirio 4000 and the Sirio was S1-2 sporadic while on the Texas was still, not a single S point of noise.

Place of Origin: Made in Catalonia within the country of Spain.

It has been pointed out Catalonia is not a country. The country of Origin is Spain, the “place or area” of origin is Catalonia. Thanks to EA7URA for his email.

And comes with 10 year!! Yes 10 year warranty on the antenna….


Bear in mind the antenna comes with a fixed mount and my tests were static mobile on the car. Drive with it and sure you kiss the rear window glass goodbye.

The blog is a hard pleaser. If I say how it is there are those who cannot take it and send bad words via mail. If I tell it straight then it is always best. Works super well. Everybody knows President for the radios, now they should start to sit up and think of them for the antennas.

Countries Worked:

Spain, Poland, Portugal, Brazil

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