Mondays Dirty Laundry Washed

The past week has been a busy one at the blog. Now there is a delay with some uploads as small team and not all the time sitting behind the PC. As with all things in social media there are questions, errors told about, updates informed and such like. Below is a list, and indeed some errors corrected and also some obvious mistakes from the writers of the questions.

Question from Maciej in Poland: You are wrong, the Colorado and Texas 1800 Power do not have long warranty. It is wrong, please fix it.


Above is the direct link to the page.

On the back of the package of the Texas Power, above the MADE is 10 year warranty written. I do not have the new Colorado package with me now. And the old Colorado is below:


This one has 6 years, the new one 10 years.  Please check link below:

Bottom left hand side it shows 10 year warranty.

Email from EA7URA Spain: You wrote Catalonia is a country. The country is Spain, Catalonia is a region.

Yes one of the articles was wrong, it did state this. Now changed. The other told place of origin. This is not changed as place refers to demographic area, town, region, state and not country. Sorry for the trouble it caused you. So President antennas for the record are MADE IN SPAIN. Close to Barcelona, in the region of Catalonia.

Lafayette Evolution Issue: Mick from UK Told me am stupid as did not talk about the Lafayette Echo

Optional extra and not included with mine, nor did I order it. I cannot talk about something that I do not have. Below are the fitting instructions. Hope this helps you out.


There, dirty laundry cleaned

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  1. its like this simon you can please most people but not every one there is people out there and the sole thing in life it watch for mistakes and that’s how they get there kicks I would not worry one second on it and if people care to read things first they would not need to were glasses to see it its in a big box 6years and 10years I can see it very clearly so why can them that say it is not see it your doing a great job simon long may it continue


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