President Lincoln II My Final Words On It

When this radio was released many months back now at the start of the year it was indeed received with excitement which quickly died when the radio showed errors, weird and wonderful things that was never part of the script of the original Lincoln which was Uniden sourced and made. Pundits decided and made there reasons known why the CRE8900 and the AT5555 were better radios and such like. In some ways “back then” they were right. Although those dark and grey days are now well behind.

Why the Final Say?

People still complain about the audio from the radio. I get good reports. Below is a video:

The radio needs some time to get to know it. At my home I have terrible noises from the airport and shopping centre both close. BUT the same noises are on Superstar 6900, Team 1011, Yaesu and all radios that people have brought and tried. The noise is only quietened on an Icom. Out some 5km from the centre of the city the s meter remains silent, today I worked stations with an S1 or a couple S0 but audio and the radio was able to make it.

For me an based on my use the radio will stay in the car as worked the best from this. Home is killed by localised noise from the shops and who knows what is on at the airport. The mike I use with mine is from the AT-6666 and has an OEM element self fitted here and it does the job super well. Other than that mike I use the normal President Jackson II Mike (the same mike comes with the Lincoln II v3) and is Uniden produced it is my understanding.


Some will hate it and continue to hate it. The competition here to win the radio so far has 90 entries and on that so far 50 people want a Lincoln II and 35 want the SS9900 5 wanted the CRE 8900 so the radio either has admirers there or someone who wants it to sell it? Who knows. Sure it is not a Uniden and sure it behaves years away from the old Lincoln as indeed it is years away from the old Lincoln.

The place for mine will be in the car, am super delighted how it works and receives. No issues other than the noises of the Russian taxi make cause me issues.

Is it a user, a museum piece or a ebay radio. It is a keeper, a user and not any museum piece here with me.

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