A Uniden I’d Make With SSB

Our friends in New Zealand have told us about a really lovely new Uniden 8070s that sure would and could be a hit in EU if due care and attention was made to it before releasing on the wide stage. There is a need for a detachable fronted radio on the market and especially from Uniden. Sure the heat can be a case as a small unit but easy to add small heat sink and make the radio 12w maximum and if need more buy an amplifier. Plain and simple.


What I would do?

The three buttons on the right hand side change to (MODE, ROGER BLEEP, ANL)

Round Control at the top right I would put dual controls Clarifier and course for SSB. And course would track the frequency change on screen. Meaning 420, 421, 422, 423,424 etc so contacts made at 27.347 could be made.

Top left hand side would be the usual VOLUME and SQUELCH

Buttons on the left would be (CTCSS, ASC, BAND)

The RJ45 socket I would leave and ship the radio with an adapter to allow use with normal 6 pin mike as needed

Display: White, Blue, Yellow, Green and Cyan

Price Range: 250-300 euro


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And yes indeed, just a dream

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