Czech Republic Consultation On CB Relays

31-11-14 in Prague there was a document released for discussion concerning the change in the CB regulations to connect “internet gateways” or repeaters on the 27MHz CB Band. The public consultation has I believe 1 month for written proposals under the document čj. ČTÚ-61 587/2014-613. Should this draft proposal be implemented it would allow for the use of CB Relays (Like that are now used in Germany) thus making the hobby more interesting as someone with a PMR Radio or connected to the internet via a PC can speak with someone using a CB or another radio in another country or territory.

If you read check or can translate above is the draft document and the way to communicate.  Almost 2015 and should be allowed for sure. check this link for the videos on how well a relay is already working and was being tested. Now the Starduster is retired due to storm damage the new antenna is a GainMaster.

The video is now a little old and the system changed a lot you can see the principle behind it. Let us hope that the discussion comes with a favourable outcome.

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