Centre Loaded Performer on DU003

So it is both island time and also antenna and Lincoln II time again on the air. This time from an island almost in the centre of Budapest called Margit Island. Top spot for joggers, kick boxers, spa’s and tourists so it is nice to head back to the island even though the conditions at the moment are poor. The key was to check out the new 5000 centre loaded Sirio Performer.

SWR: 1:1 – 1:3 Between 26965 – 27 98125 and then the curve angles upwards

Need’s a tri-mag when mobile and not the sort am using for the static mobile tests.

To the Lincoln II V3 haters check the signal meter. No lambada with the meter, receives low to almost 0 signal. This island is in the city, remember this when you write your mindless crap on forums. IF was so junk I would use Team 1011, CRT9900, Yaesu or another radio. SO LOCATION and antenna effects all things.


Distance to Roland in the area of 213km


Above link is Jarek 161AT080 distance of around 310km away from Budapest and the second time we have spoken from DU003. Also worked 161EX015 Jurek who was at the 570km mark so really although conditions poor it worked short distances, meaning unusual distances real well indeed.

As I said the conditions were useless but managed the following places:

Austria, Portugal, Poland

Interim conclusion is that the antenna is a progression from the base loaded one. It does I believe receive a little better (based on clarity) against the base loaded 5000 Performer. I worked people as you see with no signal and worked those with 5/9 so covers all the usual things. More tests are ongoing with this antenna against the base loaded one. It was a brave decision to release this version being centre loaded and it works well. The best tests are the people using it and sure we will hear lots from them. Initial thoughts from my side, works well even when band is not healthy and in good condition


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  1. there you go a antenna that works very good and no propagation, that’s a great antenna and you were in the trees to simon a great try out and proves it works well, just waiting for mine and it will be on a try mag, thank you Simon for your time and its not that warm out there a great antenna.


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