Vortex Quasar 82.. Vector 4000 Killer?

Had an email via the blog today from Nick who wanted me to show the “beast” that is the new vertical called the Quasar 82 from Vortex Antennas. Obviously we all remember the smoke and mirror quotes about the GainMaster and some that quoted S4 up on any other antenna and the like so not seeing the antenna and not knowing much about this antenna all I can do I tell you to go across to the homepage of Vortex and have a look. Yes I have spoken to someone running a Quasar .64 and it seemed to be working well, but not heard anyone so far. £285 and upwards for the antenna is a fair old price so the investment into the antenna it must show something.


S2 up on a Sirio Vector 4000. Check the reviews on the site.

Back in the past you know who wrote to me about the .64 antenna I did try and get you your answers but not anybody replied to the emails. So I never looked at the Vortex page again. So really very nice that Nick was in contact and we are happy to show the new antenna.


Take a look and if you have the antenna or an opinion then feel free to use the comments at the bottom. Made and designed in the UK so that is something excellent in these days and times.

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One thought on “Vortex Quasar 82.. Vector 4000 Killer?

  1. 285 Sterling for an Ae is a bit steep. I assume folk will buy it on the numbers quoted alone and say its the best thing ever. My Homebrew GM cost less than 15€ and is a beast. No Ae Analyser involved, just good old SWR and trim.


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