President Johnson II 12/24v “You Got It”

News is coming in to wizard towers of a new facelift and some new surgery to an old favourite in the President line of radios. The new President Johnson II 12/24v is on its way with 24v on board which will be a real favourite to the truckers out there that love the radio. As well as the usual 12v details are a little sketchy as all things with new stuff but seems maybe also it comes with the new norms of export with 0 and 5 at the press of a button. This is also a great addition and makes it more fun when in export mode. YES you loose the multi-EU norms but it is better for us the export men as can use a better variety of channels.

Face Avant


Details are small, so don’t shoot the messenger.. But seems genuine it comes. And like all people now we need to wait and with all President things that is indeed the hardest part of all. Picture is HOW it may look, NOT AS IT IS as rough idea…

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