Yosan Micro CB-350EX Manual

So we are back with an update on the Yosan, Small tests have started and are ongoing but it does seem from the start that the radio works well and the s-meter which I thought would have been rubbish actually does seem to work better than I had expected. So the things that are useful are that within this manual which is labelled for the Yosan are many references to the MegaJet 50


With this holds the key to export channels. Mine it seems has come in export mode and can be used in both multi EU and also export mode and has the bands (A-E) 26065-28305 AM/FM and also the ability to make the 0 ending channels by pressing the F on the mike and EMG and then on screen shows -5 so meaning 26060-28310 AM/FM and also there is a subset of menu which are labelled FUN, I remember this on the President Harrison and EM27 there was fun mode.

Yosan Micro eng

If you are curious then take a look above at the manual. And once more thanks to Boris at teleputnik who managed to get the radio here 4 days after the purchase so super fast. And you know what it is an interesting radio. I wait to see the Anytone Micro and see how that compares to this. The menu has it right, the radio is FUN with a capital F

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