A Uniden I’d Make With SSB Part III

So this is the last part of the trio of pages about the radio that will take the UHF market by storm, well that’s what some that are waiting for the unit are telling me. This is a UHF only radio and I sat and thought too much and drank too much tea and wondered what would I do it I had made the radio or could make it with SSB. Was it worth it, was it something that could be interesting and then came all the ideas.


The last part is Programming:

What are the biggest niggles with radios these days? Firmware issues with the Qixiang made stuff, no PC Programmable with the Lincoln II, echo not adjusted right and not able to make updates in the comfort of your home and need send it away or sell it on ebay and buy something else.

So, USB to RJ45 cable that will attach to the head of the radio (same place as cable to the base unit) and is powered low voltage via USB and this can update the software on the radio. BUT I would also use this to make export mode possible, enable hidden features inside the radio such as SPLIT and maybe also adjustable TX Bandwidth (1800KHz to 2800KHz) so there is some use for the programming needs of the radio and not simply the find it online and hope it works approach some use today.

Cuts down revisions of units so no AT5555 version 82 and Maxlog M8900 Version 21 and no Lincoln II v 4. Do it all via an update server where the customer is registered. Yes that needs integration into IT departments but pain now setting it up makes less work in the future when legal formats change, simply change the software to meet the desired need.

And the people who write to me yes of course cash is king and this idea and also this three part column of writing is simply that. I have decided that there will be 3 radios in this series of ideas. They will come on an as is basis and will feature stuff that have had a time to mess around with (present radio excluded as never seen one)

The possible next victims I will look at: CRE8900 radio, Emperor Shogun, Midland 8001XT and also a tti 560 CB Radio. Remember this is for fun, no need abusive emails and frustrated messages.

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Written 26/11/14 17:44