Yosan Reviews Come Soon

After a lot of questions from readers of the blog about the Yosan radios that have been featured here over the past months there will be in the next one to two months a review and a video of them here and on the you tube channel of simonthewizard. Today an exceptionally large box arrived at the Wizard’s Lair and time will be made during the festive season to have a look at these radios that are “Engineered in Korea”



Radios We Will Be Looking At:

Yosan CB 250 (Handset Black Box Like William & Venus)


Yosan JC 2205



Yosan CB100 (Detachable Front)


Yosan CB 300


Yosan JC 350


Yosan JC 850



Yosan JC 650


Yosan Micro ( The much talked about radio )


Yosan CB 50 ( Looks Like Lafayette Pro )


Yosan JC 3031M Turbo



Yosan Pro 120




So please watch this space and we will have more news, videos and information here just as soon as possible during the next weeks till the festive season. All of these units as I can see are all labelled with possible output of 12w so that shows there is something hidden under the hood and more news of this later also.

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  1. all them lovely sets to play with and test you A lucky man Simon I think these will sell and one day may be a ssb fm and am set wish I lived next door to Simon looking forwards to the testing results


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