Yosan Micro “First Look”

Big in Poland and the Baltic states. In fact this one came from Riga and from Telesputnik. Small, super small sized radio with a big heart and audio. As you see from the video the radio comes in EU multi format with d4, U, PL, E and works really well it has to be said. But don’t let the small frame surprise you as inside is 5 band A-E export mode with 0 and 5 ending frequencies and the ability to make 12w from such a small radio is quite amazing.


ASQ Auto Squelch has 32 settings from 0-32 and can be adjusted and locked via the F on the mike and the “Fun” button which we all remember from the Maycom EM27 and the much loved President Harrison ASC. This Yosan some may know as the Megajet MJ50 and with the EMG this is where band change is.

Multi display colour you see, flip to enable the screen to be in the correct direction now matter which way up the screen is. Receive is good, my location is noisy and when tested you can hear all the areas of Russia plus local taxi all on the same channel albeit 5KHz apart so nothing bad against the radio was just busy frequency.

Normally I have seen videos from Poland with this radio in the car and indeed after the video I spoke to Tashkent in Kirghizstan with 50w and the audio report was top class according to who I spoke with. More time is needed and this I will try over next weeks. So watch this space. I like it, it is a keeper and not a seller from my side. But it is my opinion based on how it worked and what was like. Sometimes the camera does not show it all.

Next time from the car… We try the radio mobile



EU Norms: d4, U, PL, E

7 colour display

ASQ Auto Squelch


12w Possible

Export Mode A-E

DX/Local Button

Mega Small for new cars and when leave put it in your pocket.

Direct Link: http://www.telesputnik.lv/en/YOSAN-MICRO/21/194/2025

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