Stabo XM5006e Released Soon

There is no surprise in the format of piggy backing one brand with another if you happen to own both. And as President owns the German company Stabo then it is little shock that the new 12/24v Johnson II will have by its side as with the last addition a cousin in the shape of the Stabo XM5006e which has the same features including 6 band multi norm and is indeed the same radio with a different name. Markus from Neuner released the information about this radio, so you see the man in the know does know. Below is the English and German language flyer from the radio:



All that is needed for this much loved German brand would be an SSB Radio. Many have asked about it and many believe it is needed. I am on the fence here as see no need for such a radio, why re-badge a Grant II or a Jackson II Classic with the name XM007e or XM777e as people would a) Moan about it b) not like it as not new. Smarter way is another Emperor Shogun based on the old Lincoln, new insides, brought up to date. You never change what is not broken.

Thanks to Markus for the news and the release of the radio….

As you see radios released till end of the year, just like all the other times. Not many makers are sleeping yet or have left for well earned holidays. Now we wait for the next new one….

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