Yosan CB-250 “First Video”

This time we take a look at a radio that I was a little excited about and to the same way worried it was the same as the Lafayette Venus meaning yes would work well but there would be issues of nasal audio and some other niggles that were on the Venus. BUT I am the first to say I was wrong, it is not the case and although they look similar the truth is the way they behave is very different.

Multi EU Norms, CTCSS, DX & Local, Channel 9, ASQ, Scanning, Roger Bleep, AM, FM

All usual suspects are there. But what is the difference is the audio. The transmitted Yosan audio is far in a way better than with the others that look similar. Strong AM and I mean strong, FM is quieter without being flat on the audio. Receive is sharp, but the radio needs a manual. Mine did not come with one so a lot of guessing was used and also not always the way useful.  I think it is NEXTRON made in Korea, so has a pedigree and those who have seen the HOTCB pages will know what I mean. Also sold as a Megajet I believe in some market areas it actually did perform so much better than I thought. But now I will search a manual, get some better conditions and make another video which will show the radio and how it works.


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