Team Mini Com Multi EU

Another new radio coming soon from Team in Frankfurt shows that indeed Qixiang is in a hurry these days as almost the same radio will come as the CRT One, Anytone Micro and a number of other names. Cheap as chips for 59.90 euro and we know as it is a Qixiang under the skin is some goodies for the export and the higher power men out there. Super small and ready for all the new car owners out there:


All the usual suspects and even when it is new on the market there is NO AM on the UK40 allocation. Two ways to look at it? Long time in development or the radio will not sell enough pieces in UK where some people think a 1980 radio is a new one. Budget priced and should fly off the shelves. It has one weakness and that is the RJ45 Mike socket, but just order a mike adapter and that situation passes.

EU, D, UK, PL, EC, E

Also note the -HP

No real news if this is now a released or to be released in the New Year. But almost Christmas and still all the goodies are flying through the email. This radio was released to the wider world via and Markus.


The manual is above for the radio.

Note the (H) on the screen in the manual, this has the same routine as the KPO500, AE6199HD and others from the AT300/310M chassis if you know what I mean 😉

Can this be the last or one of the last radios of 2014? We know that CRT has the Mike and One, President has the 12/24v Johnson II, Team has the MX10 and Minicom, Stabo has the XM5006e so what is next? Can there be another shock going to happen like last year when on 24th December the Grant II photos leaked in Spain. I think not but we need wait and see what comes next.

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