2015/16 Anytone Apollo II


The season to be jolly continues without any breath being taken in the far east it seems. Thanks to Lao (from China I guess) who sent me a photo and the snippet of news from a new radio that comes 2015 (so he says) The time the company in question is Qixiang? Is there any other these days? And the radio seems to be the successor to there Apollo1 and will be called the Apollo2. As you can see a photo tells a million stories. Again we head down the RJ45 Route as sure this will help in keeping things simple and small, and also seems to be based on the AT300/310M chassis which has proved its quality over the time.


Otherwise no release date, no news of any resellers testing it at the moment, no price point. And you all know me, I like to say what is on my mind. I would bring something like this as a Emperor or KPO or Team, maybe another name we have not seen in a while. And why? Qixiang are at the top of there game now, whether love or hate them it is reality. They R&D and release stuff while others are sat thinking. Quick turn around means more bang for your $$. Plus as we see they can make new, old, clones, or recycle or reverse engineer something in a heartbeat.

I have been informed the radio is not new, and is from 2013 Page 14. But it is labelled in PDF Catalogue 2015. So it was new in 2013 and then again now it is new again in 2014 to be new again in 2015 I guess. Time will tell. Thanks to the Dutch OM who pointed it all out


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