Midland 9001 / Emperor Shogun New Model Needed?

Here is the pre Christmas look at two radios that were one in the same. Being Made by Maxon and actually working real well indeed. In some market areas it was called the “Poor Man’s Lincoln” even when the cost was similar. Just yesterday one was sold on ebay for 240 euro, boxed but in used condition. We in the past looked at the “Uniden to made with SSB” and so decided to pick on another 3 radios to see if they could earn there place in the modern world of radio. And the second victim is the Alan 9001


So what do we know? 26000-29600 so covered all the usual suspects. With this in mind and now in 2014 soon 2015 it is sure possible to make it again covering 25610-30110 all mode, with or without PC Programming. The way software has changed in recent radios it is not worth it really. Easier is old school, no frills, no bullshit and less to go wrong.

Buttons almost leave as they are, maybe add SPLIT on the basis of when the button is pressed the displays flashes and allows via channel change to select the offset. So, have like a VFO B without having it. In basic principle:

Display shows 28.500 PRESS the Split and display flashes and shows 28.500 turn up or down channel to select for example 28.507 PRESS SPLIT and then it is set, a + on the display. Job done.

Power: Variable 1-30w FM, 1-12w AM and from 2-40w SSB (Almost what was like way back when)

Fix the frequency drift that the 9001 and Shogun had, saying that Lincoln 1 was the same, meaning display shows 420 and transmits 419.8 which has to be easy these days as components and manufacturing process has changed over the years. Leave the display as is, leave most of the controls as is, in effect tidy what was there as it was good then, and can be good again with a few tweaks and twinges here and there.

Maker: Do Maxon exist for Amateur and CB Radio now? So here is where controversy is based. Use the ideas that worked on the DR135DX, CRE8900 and change it. DIN SIZE so fits all, 12/24v so can be fitted into trucks and keep it as is. Replicate the radio without the errors. Make right what was wrong. Qixiang it needs to be. Cannot be anyone else in the frame. Uniden cannot be as did not make the 9001 or Shogun, Maxon are asleep or thinking mode? So leaves the quick turnaround team at Qixiang. And not any customer or indeed any reseller wants the junk that was the 8001s EURO to return. Bad radio at a bad time, more people swore about it than were pleased with it.

Audio: Old school, less processed sound like with the old radios. Original Lincoln, Jackson, Shogun, 9001 no need break what is working. Can make it 6 pin, works all the usual mikes that people want to use.

Can it happen? NO is the simple answer. I think there is no appetite for this to be done. People moan about the digital radios, they moan about the analogue and we all want something from the past to return. But if there was a radio that could return I think this would be one of the ones I could imagine happening.

Next time? Is there any need for a CRE 9000 to replace the 8900

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