Team MiniCom First Tests

So the first customers have the first tests now available. Myself mine is ordered from Markus from Neuner so expect my views soon. But Christmas is busy and will now not come till next year maybe so we will feature some news from Bensons Funk in Hamburg who have had the radio on the bench and also seen what makes the radio tick on the inside


The original German text is:

Modulation AM laut, kräftig. klar
Modulation FM ebenso klar, etwas leiser , vergleichbar mit Team TS-9m, einwandfrei
Empfänger ebenso empfindlich wie TS-9m, gemessen 0,168µV/12dB, Phantastischer Wert
Mikrofon ist das gleiche wie von der HamCom 1011, mit Electret Kapsel.
Leistung AM und FM eingestellt bei 3,89W, Hub bei 1,9 kHz, Modulationsgrad an die 90%

Which equates to something like this:

Modulation AM loud and strong. clear
FM modulation as clear but a little quieter, comparable with team TS 9m, properly
Receiver as sensitive as TS-9m measured 0,168μV / 12dB, Fantastic value
Microphone is the same as of the HamCom 1011, with electret capsule.
Power AM and FM set at 3,89W, stroke at 1.9 kHz, modulation depth of 90%


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From the start of time people moan about quieter audio on AM compared to FM and WE ALL KNOW WHY this is so no need waste space mentioning it. Me, cannot wait for mine to land as seems will be a keeper not a seller.

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