What Come’s in January? *Updated*

After the excitement of the holiday season we have the prospects of some new stuff as promised before Christmas for January. So we take a small look at what is and or was promised and see how much of it comes to existence in this month


So: CRT France

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So maybe we can expect in the bulk quantity shipments of the CRT Mike, CRT One and the CRT 4CF SW Handheld. Some are inside the EU now but only in a handful of quantities.



The Albrecht AE6110 multi EU radio is on the cards for January also. This radio known as the Anyone smart CB comes earliest now February…..

Team Electronics:


The Team MX-10 Multi EU Radio. I am interested to see how this one has turned out. Will I buy one for testing? Yes quite possible as cannot loan one at all. Do I think it will be something “wow” not sure. Cannot comment yet.

And what can we see? Not any new SSB radios with some class or heritage.

CRT Radios are from Qixiang

Albrecht Radio is from Qixiang

Team CB is from Bond Telecom

CRT Handheld I don’t know who makes it.

So Qixiang are the people to see when you need a radio. Myself as mentioned in history on the blog the Lincoln II was made from the best available maker for it as Uniden was not interested. Emperor Shogun II and Alan 9001 II if they ever were to see the light of day, then the only place to look is Qixiang. Simple, game over.

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One thought on “What Come’s in January? *Updated*

  1. In 2004, I bought a Lincoln, new, it cost £200 and that was from a dealer not on the internet. 10 years later they release the MKII and it is £250. Not a patch on the original, yet it costs more or about the same in real terms.

    Not an improvement and made in China. To me, it is one or the other, original quality and price, or quality down and price down. We’ve all see what Baofeng have done in the handheld market, decent goods at a knock down price. So what is up with the 10/11m market?

    Over priced and sub-standard and virtually all out of the same factory. Yet they charge massively different prices, for the same board/radio in a different box and a different sticker on the outside.


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