Lincoln II v3 Don’t Work?

The Lincoln II v3, the story continues into 2015 with those who like it and those who hate it. Sure that is what makes radio. I use mine in the car and works well, and seems another man who uses one mobile in Ralf in Germany who posted this video onto you tube in the past days:


Sadly the video does not show the contact but am assured from Ralf it made the trip with 40w and the Santiago 600 antenna. For me, I use mine mobile with the antennas mentioned before and the radio has made some excellent contacts for me, from me receiving people with S0 and just radio, till S9 when spoke to Jan Mayern. I totally agree the radio had a bad start in life, but now seems slowly to be getting more people liking it. It is such chalk and cheese with the other one, so almost impossible to compare like for like.

*Local Noises

All play a massive part on air!

Ralf made the contact from the Netherlands while mobile, cannot fault it.. Get the camera charged Ralf and let us see some more in action.

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