Anytone AT-5555N With CTCSS


With huge thanks to Tore from Norway who has written to the blog about his fitting of the CTCSS board inside the new AT5555n. Tore is a long time user of the AT-6666 as he explained he uses the radio serial number 003 so indeed an early one


We thank Tore for the information and also the news that “maybe” one day the radio could come shipped with the board as fitted as standard and not as a stand alone device.


Above is the optional board that can be fitted to the early version Team HamMobile Com radio and as it is the same as the one inside the AT-6666 these can be ordered separate for around 15.00 euro and below is a link in case you need the board:

Above is a direct link to the board as sold by Markus @neuner_de

Thanks so very much to Tore for sharing the information, it is with this that the radio world gets stronger and more things get shared.

Photos of the radio: (c) Tore, Rubberduck Norway and CTCSS Board (c) Mr Markus Neuner

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