YeticomNZ Crack the Grant II Clarifier

Received a message from a gmail address in New Zealand and it is a link for a video. So I will post the link below as is. I watched it and it shows the Grant II clarifier move in FM mode on transmit. Not sure what else it does and cannot comment unless the genius behind it writes and explains more. Does it work all modes? Only on TX or RX, no ideas at all.

I hope that President or Uniden watch the video as this is an excellent idea. I have said and am on record that I don’t like that the radio is locked to 0 and 5 as many these days want to head to 527 or 437 as the normal channels are crowded when conditions are right. So this radio needed really a fine course, makes the front less pretty maybe but makes the customers more happy.

IF you know more then let me know, and thanks to tastynutsacks who sent the original link to the video

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One thought on “YeticomNZ Crack the Grant II Clarifier

  1. A step in the right direction, but what the radio needs is a dual clarifier like on the Uniden 980 SSB, I am sure it could be made to physically fit but would it be possible to wire it in…


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