Albrecht AE6110 First Test In (German)

So the first test has been completed and the results are in. The test is in German and has been carried out by Henning “Professor” Gajek and a link to his results can be seen below. This is the new Qixiang “non customer BETA test” radio that come from Albrecht for a long time


And for the haters, trolls and others why I am not keen on the brand, or WAS not keen on the brand.

AE485S Bought new from a store near Munich, tested and aligned it told on the box. Put into car and was RUBBISH. Carried it back into store and was sent 3 weeks to be repaired. It returned and was the same junk, was returned again and by return got an old scratched one as a replacement.

AE5890EU. First one had low output, second one was so off frequency could not speak anywhere and the third one was bought new in store with a warranty sticker and had no finals inside it. So obviously no power.

So add this to the AE2990AFS, 1 Alpha Force and others that is the reason for the negativity.

So, for the translation and the review can be found here:


* Voice Quality Is Excellent

* IN for India banding is on the radio

Looks good indeed. Markus has one on order for me and looking forward to see how well it will work. It is typical that could not be released in time for my birthday. Still February comes quickly enough

Is there a dream to tell Albrecht? YES Get your SSB stuff made by Qixiang….

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