President Raises The Game

In a move that that shocked many dealers President has revised its price list, raising some prices by 14.1% (end currency and exchange rate if applicable) so maybe now is the time to buy that new radio before the cost is raised to the end user when the new stocks will land in the shops.


Some may think it is greed related, some with more knowledge guessed it had to happen as the exchange rate on the $ gets worse and so it had to happen. President leads the way, but be sure all companies that pay for goods or research for goods in $ will need to raise prices to the end users. The euro to dollar and yen is poor, so Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom and others will need to follow the example for sure.

Myself, best get another L II v3 before the cost rises….

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4 thoughts on “President Raises The Game

  1. People won’t buy them. There is already a price premium that has to be paid just to own a radio with the President name. The Lincoln 2 is also already overpriced for what is really a glorified Anytone.


  2. Hard to provide factual statistics, more anecdotal evidence. You are right about the CRE/Alinco, but then I can buy one of those new from a known UK retailer for £124 inc del. Or a CRT 9900 for £146. Kind of makes the Lincoln II look over priced and old hat.


  3. You had it right first time, greed, plain and simple. Will there be a cost down in £ due to the good exchange rate of the Euro? I think not, yet you can go to Europe (via internet) and buy at discounted prices because of the rate.

    I worked for a very large international manufacturer for 20 years. The motto was, if the exchange rate is in your favour, bank the money, if it is against you, raise the retail and blame it on the rate.

    Our bank is forecasted this week, to report that we are either in deflation or will be later this year, just like a lot of Europe. Wages are static. Stuff is made in Chinese factories (cost down), yet the quality is poor, such as the Lincoln II, sales are flat lining but people are still trying to source mint Lincoln I, because they would rather pay £150 for a 15 year old quality radio than pay out £250 for an Anyclone.

    When you make top notch stuff in Japan or other quality owned factories, you can command premium prices. But when you get dirty, down with the piggies and get it made in the el cheapo factories, gone are the days when you could just stick a badge on the front and set your own price. Baofeng has it right, they’re cheap and cheerful, a decent radio but at a bargain price, so nobody complains, because the price is so good.


    • But are people buying older Lincolns for high prices? I see a lot on eBay but not many being bid high priced. Not sure if outside of eBay it gets higher or not? So the people are buying what mostly? CRE or Alinco copy of it? (Ask as don’t know)


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