President & Others. It Pays To Look Around

So after the news that President had raised there prices it seems did not take too long for one dealer also to raise his price level in the stock of the radios. Watch the news, see the situation economically and sure I think was obvious that costs would rise. If I pay China in $ when my currency is Euro, there is exchange rate involved.


Amateur radio makers are also now discussing rises in prices. I recently had a TS480SAT here, always made in Japan. Now made in Malaysia. So should be cheaper then as not Japanese made? But no the costs will rise also of these along with many others during the next months.

President Lincoln II:

President Grant II:

IMPORTANT note is that Avera is a dealer to dealer business so his retail prices could be different as he deals not with the public.



There offer price of £249.95 equates to 337 euro at todays exchange rate at Citibank

£199.99 means 269.70 euro for the Grant II legal specification

Neuner Germany:

249.00 euro which translates to £185 at the exchange rate of today from Citibank

219.00 Euro and this equates to £162.50

I suggest if you need a radio then look around. Now let us look at the CRE, Alinco, Albrecht AE7500


Truckerswereld: NOT SOLD Nevada: NOT SOLD Neuner: 199 euro or at todays rate £147

Alinco DR 135DX/UK:

Nevada: £159.99 Neuner: 199 euro or at todays rate £147 Truckerswereld: NOT SOLD

Albrecht AE7500:

Neuner: 259.00 Euro which equates to £192 Nevada: £229.95 Truckerswereld: 299.95 euro

** REMEMBER ** VAT and taxes are different country to country and this can effect prices etc

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