CRT S 8040 Is “Out Now”

There are some radios that are gone to soon. Meaning they come and somehow are deleted. President Harry II was deleted and returned as the Henry if you look at them side by side. CRT have now returned the formerly known as Maas Colonia and KPO500 (SEE bottom of article. KPO500 still available) back to the market where it should have not been deleted from. And for 69 euro. Excellent

photo boite S8040

What is interesting they have indeed added the IN Band for India. Great idea and expands the “sexiness” of the radio as more markets come available.


UK Mode remains without any AM in the CEPT Side. And I kind of agree with this. I have read enough forums and have had enough messages about this subject. It seems a market for those outside of the UK that if it was there you would moan about it for some reason, and as it is not there it is fine to moan about that. I think the fact is it not changed, easy change the band to EU and use it.

Export Mode: As the radio is based on the AT300/310 Chassis then sure it has the 25-30MHz there inside. PLUS the (H) is in the manual so guess it is implemented the same way as the previous radios but not as yet confirmed.

KPO500 UPDATE… Still Available and not deleted

Welcome Back 8040 Glad to see you back….

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