President At Autosalon Nitra 2014

I have been looking around the web to try and find photos of when a CB store or such visits somewhere. In the Czech Republic there is Holice, in Germany the “CB Lounge” and I found this one for Slovakia called the AutoSalon. Guess shows an idea who CB is thought to appeal too. Have a look at the photos.


Take a look and see where they visited. Who else visits these shows or others around the EU and beyond? This blog can advertise any events that is going on, or show them from the past.


So this is an open invite to Albrecht, Sirio, RM, Neuner and others who attend shows and show off what is hot. Get it featured here. Nevada? Rocket who goes to shows, pop us some photos and let me add them. The more people see and heard the news then we will get more interest in this excellent hobby.

Jon @rigsearch on twitter sent me some photos from Nevada in store and were featured here. If you have a favourite store, Colin “The Head” at Knights video for example. Send it here, let us all see what is around and in store in different places.

I tried to find some, as have the flu so long time surfing. If you have a club event, video it and we add it, was there a show and we add it.

Photos: President Electronics SRO.

And why is President featured here? I could not find photos of some others. I know they must exist. Help me out and get it advertised…

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