It is always nice when something new comes to market and this is the case again from CRT. Many wait the SW Radio that should come soon now I think but the game changes in 2 months time with the release of a new PMR446 Radio with IP67 water proofing.


More details when they arrive here. But looks another radio that be interesting. Looking at the display seems it also has FM radio for nights on the hills when the channels are clear. My sincere thanks to Eric for the information.

What is IP67:

Photo: (c) CRT France

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6 thoughts on “HOT NEWS: CRT 8WP Soon….

    • Yes indeed. For the last minimum of 6 years in Ostrava in Czech Republic people used Intek base stations modified with BNC for external antennas, and then of course there are the Baofeng, Puxing and others now. I am a keen advocate of UHF CB. I think the #ECBF under its new leadership is well placed to promote this as a new EU norm. Allow Internet linking, repeaters and all the good things that the Australian system provides. I think it will not happen in quick time but maybe in long term it comes and for this I have great hopes and wishes!!


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