KPO500 & KPO DX5000 Available Now & Soon

My sincere thanks to Jan from KPO who has taken  the time to write to me concerning 2 radios that have been written about in the blog recently. The KPO500 which shares DNA with the CRT S8040 and Maas Colonia is STILL AVAILABLE and not deleted as I had mentioned before.


If you have been looking for one then take a look:

But the more interesting news is that the KPO DX-5000 will be returning on sale soon. I cannot tell you the version at the moment but it returns again to market. A great radio, and sold SO MANY pieces in Germany as they say “Back in the Day” and equally as many modified by Kucha Hans


The link is supplied below, but please remember as of this date the radio has not yet landed into stock:

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Thank you to Jan for letting me know the information, the previous article is amended and am happy to let people know the equipment is still out there for sale.

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  1. I got a mass dx 5000 low power version from Spain a friend on his holiday in Barcelona phoned me and said they have dx 5000 in shop here he has about 10 radios I said how much he said about £100 he said I will buy it for you got it home programed it and its just like my old on 10w am fm 15w ssb and there all adjustable down to 1/2w great set all I did was change onto a sycron base mic turn down mic gain in menu to 36 and a great audio very strong but could not get one in uk any were


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