Nanfone UC-708 UHF CB Radio

With the drums beating louder about the acceptance of a new series of channels in the UHF Band for CB operations like they have in New Zealand and Australia take a look at the new Nanfone UC-708 that appears to come soon on the market (maybe has already)


So the email that I received laid out the basics I suppose

80 channels 476.425-477.4125 MHz

Simplex channel 1-80, Semi duplex channels 1-8,41-48

5w Power


Internet Radio (Would suggest some connection to the www possible)

Seems all you need, antennas are cheap and easy to source. Just needs legalisation and that is where it can stumble and take years for acceptance of it. From my perspective “UHF READY AND WAITING FOR IT”

Is it like in the 1970’s when we sat and used CB radios in cars in the dark, non suspicion antennas and had other ways to hide stuff. Should we just use them and see if eventually they become legal?

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