Team MiniCom Drops To 54.90euro / £40.50

Another radio has hit the discount list and this time it is the Team Mobile MiniCom radio. Which is a bare boned CRT One. It has export mode, higher power mode, 0/5 channel ending but no dedicated 10m mode. But to put in the back of a car and use it as and when it fills the criteria I think.


More than 1 dealer has wrote upset about me showing prices from other countries, geographical areas etc. This blog is not country specific, has no base. I show prices from all areas that are interesting. EU to EU sales are acceptable, of course from outside EU import duties, taxes, delays are expected. I recommend all people to look around first before spending your money, if there are offers then check them out, check the warranty situation and then make an informed purchase. I read today about a radio bought in Germany, 2 days later it is in the UK. And of course no duties to pay as inside EU.

I will add any sale price from any dealer here, to promote sales, to promote the company and most of all to promote the hobby. BUT when some cannot even say thank you then don’t ask as it won’t be added. Courtesy even in 2015 does not cost money.

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One thought on “Team MiniCom Drops To 54.90euro / £40.50

  1. yes two days later and at them prices and a extension mic lead the crt mike is a bargain and got it cheaper then wot I would pay in the uk so were do you think I would buy it from check out Neuner Funk


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