Year In The Air Part II

Hi Everyone. I am not home these times so this maybe works maybe does not but needed to be added quickly as important. Following the article about my Himalaya I will add some stuff which has come across as maybe not accurate and will show you a 5 year old Himalaya antenna also.


I informed my antenna had “paint issues” and one of our readers in Spain kindly passed the information to President Iberica who kindly have responded via the blog. As this blog is fair, open, warts and all (good or bad) I will include my photos of my antenna and also photos of a 5yr old antenna that was today taken down, cleaned with alcohol and returned to the sky for another number of years.


As you see in showroom condition and that is why the antenna has 5 year guarantee as it lasts. My antenna photos were sent to Spain and enclosed below. My damage is not with the paint but with scratching it has incurred over the year


Mine had issues on the middle and top element, not the bottom. So scratches caused this issue and not any paint related damage. This is the conclusion, SO now addressed here. If something is written wrong, then companies have indeed all rights of reply. Not fudged and hidden away. My mistake, and noted as such.

My sincere thanks to Marc and his team for the explanation. Antenna works like Day1, works as well as ever. Just not looking cute as before. Need a Himalaya to kick your Antrons ass I have a few links below




So my mistake and rectified here.

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