AE6110 Day Now 9.3.2015

Some of the original samples from this radio were sold so there are a few around and about in the open but for most it is a long wait as now the release is pushed back from end of February till the 9th March. And who knows if that will happen based on the previous information. Guess time will tell if it comes or not.


This is a radio that am actually interested to see. Have 2 on order. Maybe this will break the “sell, service, use, service, repeat” chain that was around this resellers neck from times ago. Nice Price, export mode, high power and 0/5 well documented with the channel endings.

*Explanation* I have had a few AE5890EU, AE7500 and they had issues, YEP like Lincoln II initial release. So am pleased to see Qixiang made AM/FM, as we see with the CRT Mike, Anytone Apollo, CRT One and others. Qixiang know how to make AM/FM radios, load them with goodies and sell them cheap priced.

When is something else coming along? No new President, No new SSB stuff… March is here, times are hard.

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