Competition Ends At 600,000 Hits

Since the last competition ended well and the people with the prizes seem happy we will have another one that ends at 600,000 hits on the blog so will take some time and allow those who want to win something to be able to win something. Not glamorous prices but at least something

A: President Virginia


Option B: Maas AHT-6 UV


And finally Option C: Team MiniCom


Postcard with address and email. No need for nothing else as all items despatched via post. To win, simple as A, B or C. Write which you want, and that’s it. Address as before:

Competition II, PF 446. Budapest H1242. Hungary

All EU entries should not pay import duties, those outside of the EU maybe will have too. This is cannot help with, so you need decide before entering. No other prices or goods on offer, just the above 3.

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