Dynascan DB-M14 Dual Band Radio

159 Euro for a dual band mobile radio with a commercial radio receive from 88-108MHz then along comes this model from Dynascan. 10w power, 199 memory channels and more importantly if the radio is unlocked then it has the 6.25KHz step that you need for the PMR mode (illegal so don’t use it and don’t be naughty



Programming software and how to unlock this one and the UK version I get many messages about and at the moment I don’t have the answer but when it comes then sure we will publish it here for all to see.

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  1. That is Leixen VV-898 (known as Jetstream in US). Been around for a year now. Got mine off of a Chinese seller (with UK stock) on ebay. £75 w/software-cable delivered.

    Great little radio for mobile, the same size as two fag packets stuck together. Early ones came on the market with a BNC connector, but that was soon changed to SO239. Can use CHIRP.

    I think they’ve come up in price by about a tenner due to the Dollar rate this year. I did see one at a rally last week for £85, but wasn’t sure if that was with cable. You need to get the cable for this, to allow is programming.

    Mine does PMR steps, came like that. If yours doesn’t then I’m sure CHIRP would sort that out. But there is no one on PMR, so it is of no interest.


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