MediaMarkt Poland Sells CB Radios

With thanks to Marius and Gregor who sent me the link to MediaMarkt in Poland which is selling CB Radios as part of there daily offer. What a good idea, it is not done as I recall in Germany or Austria but sure CB Radio is a lot more popular in Poland than the other two countries so really nice to see indeed


tti, Telefunken, Alan, M-Tech and President seem to be the ones on sale at the moment. As we know a great market in Poland for the big players on the scene. Thanks to the guys who sent me the link and am happy to display it below

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5 thoughts on “MediaMarkt Poland Sells CB Radios

  1. 30 out of 40!!! Wow….Really popular. Nothing compared to Portugal, although some PMR users are now also CB users.

    (By the way, here in Portugal MediaMarkt only sells PMR446 radios)


    • President 25 years in Poland is strongest brand by far. And USA Uniden series quite popular too. Lincoln 1 from 1988-1989 used widely too. Here Mediamarkt sells also PMR only (Motorola, Cobra & Brondi)


    • CB was active even in Socialism with radios smuggled from Germany. Trips and families in USA so would know it and indeed I was up near Polish border this week and 30/31 channels out of 40 in use and many cars with antennas, same as trucks with the CB1 sticker etc. Popular and stays popular


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